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DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the basic genetic material contained in all living cells of the body, with the notable exception of the red blood cells. It is the material of which our chromosomes are made, the material which carries the genetic code that determines our individual characteristics.
Its chemical structure in every individual is different – indeed it is this very fact that makes each of us are quite unique.
DNA fingerprinting, also known as genetic fingerprinting, is the name given to a new scientific testing process which can positively identify relationships between people from their DNA.
In particular, it can conclusively determine whether a man is or is not the true father of a child and is therefore now recognised as the definitive paternity test.
This test is also being widely used in the field of immigration. Its ability to resolve disputed human relationships has proved invaluable, both to would-be immigrants and to the authorities whose job it is to assess the authenticity of claimed relationships.
DNA fingerprinting is also a major tool in the investigation of serious crimes like rape and murder. Its use by police forces around the world is increasing rapidly and in many quarters it is now regarded as the primary means of identifying or eliminating crime suspects from biological scene-of-crime evidence.
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