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Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy Calendar
Pregnancy is an exciting time and a great opportunity to learn about your child's growth and development.
Coping with Morning Sickness
Nausea is one of the most common - and most miserable - complaints of pregnancy, affecting around 70 per cent of pregnant women.
Exercise During Pregnancy
Staying fit is important at every stage in life, but it's particularly helpful when you're growing a baby in your belly.
Incontinence and Pregnancy
During pregnancy many women experience some degree of urinary incontinence. This can be mild and infrequent however in other cases leakage can occur several times daily.
Ultrasound Scans
Ultrasound pictures are formed using sound waves. A machine sends sound waves through the body, which are then reflected back and converted into an image that is visible on a screen.
Complications in Pregnancy
Bleeding is a sign that cannot be ignored. If a woman bleeds at any time during pregnancy she should tell her doctor or midwife straight away.
Depression During Pregnancy
Depression during pregnancy is a very difficult and sensitive subject.
Packing for the Hospital
It's generally suggested that you pack your bag by around 36 weeks or so, so it's ready to go for those 3am twinges!
Working Mums
Since leave policies vary widely from company to company, some women experience a great deal of anxiety when deciding when to broach the subject of pregnancy with their boss.
A Balanced Diet During Pregnancy
A healthy balanced diet is recommended throughout life and pregnancy is no exception. You are eating to provide yourself and your growing baby wiith essential nutrients.
Sex During Pregnancy
When a woman becomes pregnant for the first time, it is natural for her and her partner to be concerned about the effect that making love will have on their unborn child.
What to Buy for your Baby
We've put together a checklist of all the baby equipment that you may need. Visit the kidsmalta shop listings for all your baby equipment needs.
Pain Relief by TENS Machines
TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine is a machine consisting of four pads with electrodes connected by wires to a battery operated pulsar.
Water birth tends to create a special atmosphere and can be done at home, in birthing centres and maternity units.
The First Hours and Days after Birth
You spent your pregnancy preparing for labour and birth, but what happens now you're a mum? We look at what those first few hours and days post-birth hold for you.
Complications During Labour
Not so many years ago, having a baby was a bit of a lottery - there was a frighteningly high chance that either mother or baby would be injured or even killed in the process.
Support Groups
There are two Support Groups offered by the Cana Movement, the first is the Stillbirth And Neo natal Death Society (Malta) - SANDS, and the other is the Tiny Infant Parents Support Group - TIPS.
Stem Cells
Stem cells are found in three primary sources: bone marrow, peripheral (circulating) blood, and umbilical cord blood.
Welcome to Fatherhood
Having a baby is, more often than not, a joint venture, long after the point of conception.

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