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New Born & Baby

Mother and Baby Clubs
The Mother and Baby Club was founded in 1983 and is a branch of Cana Movement.
Feeding Your Newborn
Your baby will get all of his nutrition from breast milk or an iron fortified infant formula until he is four to six months old.
Breastfeeding your child is one of the best things you can do for your newborn. It offers a variety of healthful benefits.
Baby Care
Make sure you have everything you need close by so that you can bathe your baby with as little fuss as possible.
While no baby, toddler or even teenager for that matter is the same, it's nevertheless helpful to have a rough idea of what sort of hours the average child sleeps.
Postpartum Depression & Treatment
Now that baby’s born, it’s time to focus on postpartum care – for you and your newborn!
Baby Milestones
The important thing to remember when consulting a baby milestone chart is that all babies develop at a different rate.
Dealing with Multiple Births
Do you have twins or triplets or are you expecting a multiple birth? Then join the Multiple Connection Group (part of Cana Movement).
Baby Safety
Babies have no sense of danger and just about everything in your home poses a threat to their safety in some respect.
Baby Development
Getting ready for a new baby usually means preparing the nursery, stocking up on nappies and baby supplies, buying stacks of cute little outfits and waiting impatiently for your due date to arrive.

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