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Visiting Malta

We have prepared this special page for foreign families who are planning to visit Malta with their kids.  Malta offers a variety of child-friendly venues and activities, like a day at the beach, a visit to a fun park and much more.
The list below are a list of venues and activities which are guaranteed to provide fun for all the family:

BirdPark Malta
Now open to the general public, nestling within Salina, BirdPark Malta so far has been Malta’s best kept secret!! Home to over 200 species of birds and animals the park is a must for all those who have nature at heart. Flamingos, pelicans, swans, storks owls, cranes, parrots and many other amazing birds from around the world thrive happily with kangaroos, wallabies, antilope, meercats, deer, genets, marmosets and more…

Visitors have the opportunity to learn about bird plumage cycles, flight, habitat, displays, song and calls, territory and pair formation, nests and eggs, migration and much more, whilst having the change observe and interact with wildlife.

This nature-themed leisure park is a first for Malta and offers a unique experience as an educational and recreational attraction for locals and tourists alike.
For more information please visit the official website here.
Splash and Fun Water Park
Splash and Fun Water Park features a full day of fun and adventure for the entire family. Whether you make a splash in the cool blue waves, take a thrilling ride down one of our water slides or just float around in the lazy river, Malta's Premier family water park is the place to be in Summer!
Our daily animation programs are jam packed with fun and games provided by our professional animation team. With tropical dances, volley ball, salsa lessons, aerobics and much much more along with our full service snack bars, ice-cream parlour, coffee bar and other novelty items...
For more information please visit the official website here.
Mediterraneo Marine Park
Mediterraneo Marine Park with its presentation of a variety of marine species has been one of Malta`s leading entertaining attractions for tourist and locals alike. In a tranquil setting offset by Mediterranean sea and gardens, Mediterraneo has created the right environment to reveal “the secrets of the sea”.

Besides Dolphins the park today boast a large selection of diferent species including Sealions, Parrots, Greenwing Amazons, Cockatoo, Snakes, Tortoises, Turtles and Lizards as well as a new collection of insects.
For more information please visit the official website here.
Popeye Village Fun Park
Popeye Village has grown from its days from the film set of the 1980 musical production "Popeye" to a number of colourful activities for all young at heart.

You will meet famous cartoon characters to greet and entertain your kids, grownups can be part of a filming experience with the animation crew, a number of attractions including Santa's Toy Town, boat rides, water trampolines, sun bathing decks and much more. There is also Malta's largest jump around and a fun park with numerous rides for kids.
For more information please visit the official website here.
Playmobil FunPark
Enter the fantastic Playmobil world and slip into the centre of action for which courage and agility are necessary to discover the adventurous worlds of the Playmobil FunPark. Pirates, Knights, Indians at the Playmobil FunPark children can slip into the role of their favourite character and experience exciting adventures.
Kids are motivated being active and creative while also having a lot of fun. Come into the Playmobil FunPark and see for yourself what incredible effect the playground has on young and old alike.
For more information please visit the official website here.
The Malta Experience:
Audio-Visual Experience
The Malta Experience is Malta's Permier Historical attraction. Discover the island and Malta's amazing history at The Malta Experience Malta's Premier Historical attraction Located in the capital city Valletta.
Sensational vision and a gripping commentary bring 7000 years of island history to life, in a purpose-built auditorium. Malta’s first and foremost audio-visual attraction, The Malta Experience has delighted over four million visitors since it opened in the 1980s. The Malta Experience Situated in Malta's Capital Valletta could be listened to in 15 different languages. The Show is continuously updated using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the production stays up to the minute.
For more information please visit the official website here.
Blue Grotto Trip (Wied iz-Zurrieq)
The Blue Grotto is an unspoilt, popular beauty spot, and a geo- logical curiosity, consisting of a natural arch and a deep sea cave formed in the rock-face of the surrounding cliffs. The adjoining sea, varying in hue from turquoise to deep blue, is distinctly clear.
The cave, or grotto, which is about 50 metres long, is best seen in the morning on sunny days when the sun shines directly and lights up the dark, cavernous interior. Reddish corals in the brown sea-grasses and the glittering waters heighten the enchantment of the place.
The spectacular arch drops from the cliff-top to the sea in front of the cave. Stalactites hanging from its lofty roof add lustre to the quaint rock formations of the massive arch.
Visitors to the Blue Grotto are ferried in small boats, seven or eight at a time, from Wied iz-Zurrieq. They are taken inside the grotto and also to several other caves on the opposite cliff side. The round trip takes 25 minutes - a few moments that make an exciting experience.
Gozo & Comino Full Day Tour
Enjoy the charms of Malta's two sister islands - Gozo and Comino - in one exciting day! A full-day tour usually covers the following sites:
● Citadel - in the capital city of Victoria where you can enjoy an unobstructed panorama of most of the Gozitan countryside.
● Victoria Market (It-Tokk) - a visit to the colourful market in the capital city.
● Xewkija Basilica - which is the third highest cathedral in all of Europe. A magnificent example of the craftmanship of the local stonemasons - built in the traditional Maltese limestone which is quarried nearby.
● Xlendi - Travelling down a winding valley to find this picteuresque fishing village surrounded by sheer cliffs.
● Comino Blue Lagoon - Make sure the tour takes you to the magical island of Comino and stop for a couple of hours to swim in the crystal blue waters of the Blue Lagoon. Speedboats are usually available to pick you up to take you around the awesome caves of Comino.
Malta boasts a good selection of state-of-art cinemas showing the latest block-buster movies.
Why not plan a fun-filled evening at the Eden Leisure Bowling Centre!
The SuperBowl is equipped with Big Screen TV and a 5k sound system providing non-stop entertainment, from the biggest international football games and other sporting events to rock & pop concerts. We have the latest video games, American Pool,  Table Soccer, a fully stocked bar and snack bar.
For more information please visit the official website here.
Jokers Family Fun
Think of horse carousel, carnival, rides, fun fair games, children's games, ball toss games, video games, prizes, gifts, amusement machines, arcade machines, gaming machines, redemption games, thrill rides, a soft play area; all this under 1 roof and in Malta.
Jokers is serviced by 6 food outlets including Mcdonalds, Hard Rock Cafe and Fluid, a family cafeteria. There are 40 retail outlets interconnected by moving stairs and lifts as well as a family hotel.
Jokers has it all ! Jokers is at Bay Street, level 2. The complex is in St Georges Bay, St Julians.
Ice Magic
Ice Magic Malta at Montekristo Estates in Hal Farrug (l/o Siggiewi) is the conscientious way forward for those who care about the environment, yet have a passion for Ice Skating and ice-related activities.
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday: Closed
Friday: 6pm - 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am - 11pm
For more information please visit the official website here.
LWS Animal Park
The LWS Animal Park is unique in Malta. With over 5 tumoli of landscaped gardens, with a touch of 'wilderness' to provide a natural setting in a well-kept outdoor facility, the Park is the home of an array of animals that were either donated or recovered from adverse conditions. These animals are kept in the best possible conditions the space can offer, and are under the care of specialist people.
Children love the park in particular because it provides a unique petting and feeding experience. This amazing 'day out' is topped by the minature railway, climbing frames and play area, go karts and wheelchair swing. On the open days children can have their first horse-riding experience. It is truly the 'Place where kids have fun'!
For more information please visit the official website here.
Ta' Qali National Park
Ta' Qali is a wide open space in the centre of Malta where you can find the  National Stadium, the  National park and a  vegetable market which is locally known as the Pitkalija and the Crafts vilage.
The area used to be an air field during World War 2 but has since been transformed into a recreational area. Like most things in Malta, this area is small in scale but it is considered by some Maltese as an ideal place to go for a picnic and spend weekend afternoons. The National Park also includes an amphitheatre.
The Crafts Village is the ideal place to buy ceramics, jewellery and knitwear, pottery and see glass blowing and moulding as well as other craftspeople at work.  Here one can buy something completely unique and original to take home.  Within the craft centre one can find the Aviation Museum displaying aircrafts.
In Guardia Parades
The In Guardia Parade is a historical re-enactment that portrays an authentic historical event that took place regularly inside Fort St. Elmo. This re-enactment portrays the inspection of the fort and its garrison by the Grand Bailiff of the Order of the Knights of St. John in charge of military affairs.
During the re-enactment the fort’s garrison - some 70 re-enactors strong - is dressed in its best uniforms and demonstrates to the Grand Bailiff its military prowess.
The show is held on Sundays, almost all year round. The duration of the show is around 40 minutes.

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