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Earliest Signs of Autism Identified in Babies

With about 1 in every 110 children (in the United States) being diagnosed with a condition in the "autism spectrum," there's been an upsurge in autism awareness and research.

Scientists have long known that poor communication is a hallmark of these developmental disorders, but it was difficult to gauge that ability in preverbal kids - until now. More here.

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Mater Dei Hospital
Tel: 2545 0000

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St. James' (Capua) Hospital
Tel: 2329 1000

St. James' Hospital
Tel: 2329 1000

Da Vinci Hospital
Tel: 2149 1200

Sir Paul Boffa Hospital
Tel: 2122 4491; 2122 4581

Gozo General Hospital
Tel: 2122 4491; 2122 4581

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