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The recently established the Institute of Family Therapy Malta provides high quality training and clinical work in the field of Systemic Family Psychotherapy with families, couples and individuals. The Institute has already established an excellent reputation and is a member of the Training Institutes Chamber of the European Family Therapy Association and also an Institutional Member in Good Standing of the International Family Therapy Association.

The Institute is approved by the Education department as a training centre.  The Institute also offers psychotherapy, mediation, family education, consultation to other professionals and organizations, and research.  Those interested in any of the services please visit the website www.ift-malta.com, call 79663265 or email info@ift-malta.com.

Kellimni is a joint effort between SOS Malta, Salesian’s of Don Bosco, Agenzija Zghazagh and Agenzija Appoġġ, who are seeing the realisation of  setting up a local child and adolescent online support services, under the guidance of Child Helpline International.

The service being offered is encompassing mainly on a child and adolscents online support.

Here are the dreams of children, whose families face various social difficulties or are being raised in Children’s Homes. We are giving you the opportunity to help their parents to make these dreams come true.

This project is held in collaboration with Agenzija Appogg.

This project was done by MBA students at the University of Malta to create more awareness and information about breastfeeding in Malta.


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